Our Scope of Registration allows us to assess and issue Certificates and Statements of Attainment from the following Training Packages:

  • RII21115 Certificate II in Drilling Oil an Gas (onshore)
  • RII32018 Certificate III in Drilling Oil an Gas (onshore)
  • RII41115 Certificate IV in Drilling Oil an Gas (onshore)
  • RII51015 Diploma in Drilling Oil an Gas (onshore)
  • RII60415 Advanced Diploma of Drilling Management
  • RII21215 Certificate II in Well servicing Operation
  • RII32218 Certificate III in Well servicing Operations
  • RII41215 Certificate IV in Well servicing Operations
  • RII51015 Diploma of Well servicing Operations


All of our assessment tools are current and comply with the RII15 Training Packages. Our assessors are highly experienced holding all of the competencies required to fulfil your assessment needs without assistance from content experts or co-assessors.

Let us help you to be ahead of your competitors with competency requirements and become the contractor of choice for your future tender submissions.


We are pleased to have the ability to offer you a range of Consulting Services including:

  • Project Management
  • Rig Management
  • Supervision
  • Labour Hire

We use some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools.

Our work practices are based on best industry practice, standards, legislative requirements and years of hands-on knowledge and experience.

Human Resources Services

We believe a good workplace start with good people who are working in a team to achieve a good outcome for the business.  Our Recruitment, tailored Human Resources Services and Labour Hire consultancy were created to develop best practice Human Resource Solutions to our client's businesses' and within our community.

We empower productivity whilst ensuring compliance and assist to create a culture of performance and accountability within your organisation.